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The Athabaskan languages formerly spoken in the northern third of Mendocino and the southern half of Humboldt counties in northwestern California fall into three broad groups of closely related dialects: Hupa-Chilula, Mattole-Bear River, and Eel River (including Cahto and the "Kuneste" (from koneest'ee', "person") dialects: Lassik, Nongatl, Sinkyone, Wailaki). Of these languages only Hupa is still spoken.

The main focus of these pages for the near future will be the Eel River group in general and the Cahto language/dialect in specific. Currently (5/19/03) all Eel River languages now have links accessing the searchable online California Athabaskan databases; other than Cahto, Sinkyone and Wailaki the content of the page at this site is limited to links to other information and the CILC's bibliography for that language.


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