Abbie's Stories

"Rosemary for Remembrance"
A Star Trek: The Next Generation teleplay.
Troi's childhood best friend, a human named Licia, comes aboard the Enterprise to assist in a cultural translation project the fruits of which will be mounted in the upcoming ceremony to admit a new race, the Vizhad, to the Federation. The Vizhad, a birdlike people who use a form of telepathy as a syntactic component of their language, have chosen Shakespeare's Hamlet to be translated into their own art forms. Friendships and identities are tested as unforeseen consequences of cultural contact overtake the team.

"The Secret Place"
A very short story sketching the thoughts of a woman who has been There and Back Again.

X-Files Fan Fiction
Between 1994 and 1996 I was inspired to write a total of 11 X-Files teleplays and stories. This show captured my imagination with its smart writing, inventive story ideas and extremely effective casting (and I'm not just talking about David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson). The stories on this website represent what I did instead of writing my dissertation (she said with a self-mocking smile). My inspiration waned as the writing on the show lost much of its consistency and seemed to become more interested in momentary "ooh, cool" or "ew, gross" effects than in coherent storytelling, particularly with regard to details established in previous episodes (i.e., the writers don't bother to remember what they've written before, and especially don't bother to even attempt to make this instalment of the series' so-called "Mythology" make sense in terms of that instalment--it just makes me spit: but I digress). I still enjoy The X-Files now, but not nearly on the same level; it's just a TV show these days, albeit a well-produced one with a great cast--with all the qualities of don't-bring-your-higher-brain-functions entertainment that the words "TV show" normally imply. Maybe it was always that way, and I just read more into it than was there; it sure was a great love affair while it lasted. I'm "just friends" now with the show--which really is probably a good thing. I try not to be bitter (wink).

Also included here are excerpts from my correspondence with The X-Files Co-Executive Producer (later Executive Producer) Robert Goodwin (who left the show when production moved from Vancouver, B.C. to L.A. in 1998).

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