Evangelical Church of West Africa
Hausa Congregation No. 1 (Kano)

ECWA Hausa No. 1

Commentary (and sound files) to follow.

ECWA church signs

ECWA church building

ECWA church elders and staff

The elders and staff of ECWA-Hausa No. 1, Kano: August, 1991. These people were extremely kind to us, and I will always be sad that I did not stay in touch with them after we came home. I'm seated in the middle, with Bill on my right and the pastor on my left; the pastor's wife is on Bill's right. The anglo woman to the pastor's left was an outgoing member of our program group, who was the one who got me to ECWA in the first place: blessings on you, sister, wherever you are!

ECWA girls' choir

The ECWA-Hausa girls' choir, August, 1991. These girls were amazing. The one in the middle in the yellow dress was their leader.

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