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Our Hausa language teacher Mustafa took this picture of us one day before class (probably 1991 or 1992).

African Language Program party

Here we are at an informal dinner for the students and teachers of the African Language Program (probably 1992 or 1993, after our trip to Nigeria). Bill dyed and sewed my dress and my bag. Bill's Mom sewed the shirt he is wearing, from fabric given to us by a Nigerian friend; Bill stitched the embroidery around the yoke. Pretty neat, huh? From left to right on the piano bench are: Ousseina, who comes from Niger and was our third-year Hausa teacher; me; and Alwiya, who comes from Kenya and taught Swahili.

Bill in a tux

September 4, 1993. Bill was Best Man at his brother David's wedding to our lovely sister-in-law Shawn. It is a tribute to Bill's brotherly love that he was willing to wear a tux (it's too bad you can't see the really classy patterned green cummerbund he's wearing, although you can get an idea from the matching tie).

church dinner

Helping to serve at an Africa Sunday dinner at our church (Bethel A.M.E.) during Black History Month (1995?). We're both wearing clothes we got in Nigeria (not counting the turtleneck I'm wearing here, of course: it was February, I had to keep warm!). The apron Bill is wearing is laminated Kenyan cloth, a gift from my older sister (thank you!). I'm screaming because somebody got a camera out; Bill is laughing at me (appropriately enough).

very happy co-matron of honor, with escort

June 12, 1999. I'm very happy in this picture because I'm at (in) my younger sister's wedding. It was a beautiful day, and I was/am so happy for the new couple that I could just burst right out o' my skin. My older sister sewed my dress (and hers), and picked out our jewelry. I come from a family of many gifts and excellent taste.

Compare this picture with the one from Spring, 1968 (on my Photo Album home page), and you might see what I mean about a resemblance between me and my Mom.

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